New Publication: More on Facebook/Meta

I’m excited to share my article recently published in Artifact Analysis: “Not a Foregone Conclusion: The Early History of Facebook’s Political Economy of Social Media.” My research will be featured in the Winter issue in March. 

Using historical methods of analysis, I explore Zuckerberg’s public statements, artifacts, and documents for the first indications of Facebook’s embrace of a commercial model—specifically, the earliest indications that Zuckerberg believed the value of Facebook was rooted in advertising, as well as any evidence that he considered other fee-based or non-profit approaches. This research makes use of the digital archive of Mark Zuckerberg’s public utterances, The Zuckerberg Files, housed within the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Digital Commons website.

You can read the preprint on ResarchGate.


Author: toddwold

Todd Wold is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Asbury University School of Communication Arts in Wilmore, Kentucky, and a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) at Regent University at Virginia Beach, Virginia. His research interests include the political economy of social media and crowd patronage platforms, the digital displacement of faith practices and authority in church communities, and transcendence in filmmaking.

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