Teaching and Speaking

TEACHING via digital platforms

In addition to my residential college teaching at Asbury University, I recently launched one of Asbury’s online courses with Campus.EDU. This innovative platform moves beyond an online campus strategy to offer the broadest possible range of online courses from top faith-based universities and professors. Students can select full credit-bearing courses a la carte to fit their needs and credit requirements within their existing programs—wherever they are enrolled.

My Course, Public Speaking and Media Influence in Culture, debuts in early summer 2023, but you can check out the course trailer here:

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I relish opportunities to speak about my research and subjects I care deeply about. If the topics below interest you for groups at your church, school, community organization, ministry, business, etc., contact me using the link below to schedule an engagement.

My topics center on the intersection of faith, media, and culture related to my academic interests and significant life events that have had a bearing on my personal faith.

Radiation DayNew life in dying bones: Meditations on the meaning of a bone marrow transplant (My son’s bone marrow transplant, cancer and aplastic anemia recovery journey).

From Meta to Monster’s Inc.: Public theology in an age of monstrous technology and monster profits 

The Time Traveler’s Gospel: The unintended spirituality of Doctor Who

imagesSubversive Inversions: Comparing and contrasting the film forms of Robert Bresson and Terrence Malick – divergent paths converging on transcendence in cinema

Not a Forgone Conclusion: The early history of Facebook’s political economy and why it matters now

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